Real Men Don't Eat Suchi

Recent Design Project for my Employer Accel

Billboard Design 1
Billboard Design 2
Custom Pie Graph
Social Media Banner Images
Key-Card Marketing Collateral Design

Holiday Greeting Card Design

Using AE's current branded slot reel graphic, I created a version for our vendor holiday gifts of Cookies and or Chocolates.

BMW Grant Writing

 I created this logo and seminar PowerPoint deck for Grant Writer Brian Wilson.

Pro Graphics Logo

These logo concepts reflect gaming industry graphics such as the slot machine reel,
shiny display type and lottery balls. My next step is to animate the slot reel.

"HR Is'nt Sexy" Campaign

Large 10 x 10 Trade Show Display
Post Card

Hands-On Standards Graphic

Hands-On Standards logo/graphics concepts. I have a few more,
but I thought I these where the best of the bunch.